Alpha-GPC and Stroke Recovery

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A new meta-analysis suggests alpha-GPC, a choline-containing substance, may aid in stroke rehabilitation.

As a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter involved in focus, attention, and bowel motility), alpha-GPC has been extensively studied for its neurological benefits, specifically in post-stroke recovery.

Recent research suggests that inflammation plays a key role in post-stroke damage, and alpha-GPC’s anti-inflammatory properties could hold the key to improved outcomes.

A comprehensive systematic review and meta-analysis delved into the effects of alpha-GPC and citicholine in post-stroke rehabilitation (1). The study analyzed a variety of research methods, including randomized controlled trials, case-control studies, and cohort studies.

The participants, who had experienced either an acute ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke, were evaluated using different neurological and mental function scales to measure neurological function, functional recovery, and independence.

Out of 1,460 studies reviewed, 15 studies involving 8,357 subjects were selected for the analysis. Most studies used alpha-GPC doses in the range of 500mg to 1000mg.

The results showed that alpha-GPC demonstrated significant improvements in neurological function and post-stroke functional recovery, as measured by the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) and Mathew’s scale. These tools assess the level of impairment after a stroke and post-stroke cognitive recovery.

In contrast, citicoline did not show significant improvements in neurological function or recovery among stroke patients.

While most people turn to alpha-GPC for brain and cognitive support, the mechanisms may overlap in the potential to facilitate stroke recovery.

When using alpha-GPC, I like Thorne’s Pre-Workout Elite powder. It is marketed as a support for exercise, yet it may also help support brain performance and recovery with its 600mg alpha-GPC content as well as the wide benefits of medicinal mushrooms including brain-supportive lion’s mane.

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