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Welcome to the wellness chapter of your life…

I started from humble beginnings in Pennsylvania in a single-parent, food-insecure household.

I understood from a young age that nutrition and lifestyle were aspects of life that I could control – versus being bounced around like a ping pong ball to all of the other circumstances around me.

Nutrition gave me a sense of independence and control over my future that otherwise felt held at a distance from what was achievable.

You could take away this opportunity and that opportunity, but what you couldn’t take away is what I chose to put in my mouth, and how I chose to train and move my body….

Now, I am no superhuman. I have had my moments. I’ve had white bread for dinner. I’ve eaten cheap pastries for breakfast. I’ve slept in on a Saturday morning. I’ve played video games. I’ve even marathoned a few Netflix series in my day.

Yet, with education and passion, I evolved.

And, so can you…

It’s amazing to me each day that such profound results can be experienced without the use of medication or surgery.

It starts with functional medicine – putting the focus on optimizing body function over naming a disease and taming it with man-made concoctions.

It’s about using the gifts of nature to coax wellness back to balance – not force it. Clinical nutrition uses a language the body understands, not a language it has to compensate against…

So foremost, what you’ll find on the site are in-depth articles replete with research insights to guide your self-actualized path.

Self-actualization is such a powerful concept.

It is the recognition of the ability to guide your own path and experiment in the protocols of life to get to your desired outcomes – using the best of conventional and natural medicine along the way.

So where to start? It is you who has told me where the path begins…

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