Megasporebiotic – The Ultimate Megaspore Resource Guide

Learn why Megasporebiotic may quickly become the world’s top probiotic supplement.

Probiotics are one of the most popular supplements taken worldwide to support gut and immune health.

Choosing a high-quality probiotic is not an easy task.

A probiotic needs to have the right dose, form, and delivery to be utilized by the body properly.

This is what makes spore probiotics found in Megasporebiotic so incredible.

Spore probiotics are naturally stable to changes in heat, acidity, and moisture. They are delivered safely to the intestines – at the right potency to notice changes quickly.

Once in the small intestine, spores shift out of their spore form and live there for one to three weeks.

Spores provide a number of benefits – proven through clinical research to help heal leaky gut, balance immunity, ease metabolism, and promote the health of other probiotics throughout the gut.

As part of their normal lifecycle, the organisms turn back into their spore form and are eliminated via the stool.

Other probiotics such as Lactobacilli or Bifidobacteria are vulnerable to the environment and can be prone to “overgrowth”.

Unlike spores, they are not intended to survive outside of the gut – which makes finding a quality supplement important and more difficult.

How to Choose a High-Quality Probiotic Like Megasporebiotic

1. Refrigeration – Necessary or not?

Non-spore probiotics are not intended to survive outside of the gut; as such, they are more vulnerable to changes in temperature.

Megasporebiotic does NOT require refrigeration as the protective spore form makes its strains resilient to extreme temperatures.


2. Protection from Stomach Acid

Aside from digesting food, one of the main jobs of stomach acid is to protect us from outside invaders. It’s no wonder that 90% of non-spore probiotics are killed by stomach acid following oral intake.

Non-spore probiotics require a special capsule or added ingredients to protect the strains from being killed by stomach acid. Most probiotic supplements neglect this essential feature.

Megasporebiotic probiotics naturally protect themselves from the acidic stomach. Spore probiotics do not require special capsule ingredients.

While capsules are convenient, Megaspore capsules can be opened and the contents sprinkled directly on hot food or mixed with liquids without disrupting deliverability.


3. Protection from Moisture:

Probiotic strains are commonly freeze-dried in capsules. Non-spore probiotics require a glass bottle to optimize potency. Otherwise, moisture transfer can negatively affect the overall quality of the probiotic.

Megaspore strains are not vulnerable to moisture fluctuation found with the use of plastic bottles. Spore probiotics can be supplied in a plastic supplement bottle without affecting potency.


4. Effective Dosage:

Colony levels of non-spore probiotics like Lactobacilli or Bifidobacteria are measured in the trillions.

To make a dent in levels, you need to supplement with a high dose in the tens of billions.

When you consider that many probiotics contain insufficient dosage, are packaged or stored incorrectly, and are likely not making it past the stomach acid, the delivered dose is often MUCH lower than what’s claimed on the bottle – and not enough to make a splash in the flora make-up of your gut.

Megasporebiotic probiotics are present in the digestive system in the billions, and require far fewer CFU per dose to make a difference than other probiotic strains  – especially since the spores are being delivered harm-free to the intestines and do not face the same hurdles in packaging or storage as other probiotics.


5. Synergy with Nature’s Expectations

Many non-spore probiotics that live in the small and large intestine cannot be supplemented because they do not survive fluctuating levels of oxygen, temperature, moisture, or acidity in the external environment.

FaecalbacteriumAkkermansiaButyricicocci, and others are central to healthy gut function, yet cannot be supplemented by traditional means due to a lack of stability outside of the gut environment.

Spore probiotics like Megasporebiotic are naturally protected from all of the above.

Non-spore bacteria naturally find their way to the gut through birth through vaginal birth, breastfeeding, and early childhood interactions with the environment.

Babies like to explore things with their mouths and toddlers like to eat their boogers and play in the mud.

These are Nature’s ways to dose children with healthy microbes, while also strengthening and training the immune system.

Once the gastrointestinal system matures, the levels of these non-spore bacteria are maintained in nature by daily consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and roots – NOT by supplementation. The fibers, complex carbohydrates, and polyphenols found in these foods provide prebiotic benefits on a continued basis.

Spore probiotics work differently.

Megaspore probiotic strains are naturally found in soil. Spores are naturally equipped to survive any harsh conditions outside of the gut.

Nature intended that we supply spore probiotics from the environment. Unlike non-spore probiotics, spore probiotics are not maintained by dietary or supplemental prebiotics.

Spore levels are maintained by consistent interaction with dirt, or by supplementation. Supplementation with Megasporebiotic works with nature, not against it.

Because dirt has been around as long as humans – our immune system co-evolved with spore probiotics.

We breathed in dirt, ate food off the ground, and lived in dirt-floor habitats.

We had a regular “dose” of spore probiotics that is now missing in modern lifestyles.

Now that we live in sanitary and dirt-free environments – most humans are deficient in spore probiotics.

By supplementing with Megasporebiotic, you can resupply the gut with the lost spores and help the immune system to function optimally.

We’ve now had thousands of clients take the product successfully and safely.

Is it your turn?

6. Benefits Should Not be Transient

A probiotic should elicit lasting change.

Because most non-spore probiotics are delivered “dead” to the gut – why do these “bad” probiotics sometimes still provide benefits to the person taking them?

Dead probiotics can still stimulate our immune system…as they pass briefly through the gut and are eventually released in fecal matter.

The drawback is the immune-stimulating benefits are transient, and only realized if you continue to take the probiotic. Statistically speaking, true recolonization is likely not occurring.

Without true recolonization – lasting benefits are not found. Research supporting traditional probiotics is often short-term studies, focused on short-lasting conditions like traveler’s diarrhea or a one-time flare-up of a chronic immune disorder such as Crohn’s.

Research has shown that “dead culture” yogurt, works the same as “live culture” yogurt when studying these short-term health outcomes.

The other reason is that fermented foods do not just contain bacteria – they also contain all of the organic acids and fermentation byproducts of the bacteria. The benefits of fermented foods are likely more because of these healthy byproducts of fermentation – than they are from a recolonization of bacteria.

Megasporebiotic contains gut bacteria that simply use soil as a vector into the intestines.

The body expects spore probiotics and has receptors for all strains used in Megasporebiotic. The strains easily germinate in the small intestine and live in harmony with us for one to three weeks before they exit again as spores. 

Continued supplementation for at least three out of every ten days ensures that normal levels are maintained.

It’s Time to Try Megasporebiotic

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The Rich Research Behind Spore Probiotics:

Learn how Bacillus probiotics may help:

Megasporebiotic Benefits

MegaSporeBiotic is a soil-based probiotic. The spore-producing Bacillus strains in Megaspore are used to crowd out and block the growth of unwanted bacteria and yeast.

The spores help stimulate the immune response and produce essential nutrients and antioxidants that can be used by the body.

MegaSporeBiotic is the first probiotic and antioxidant combination sold exclusively through health practitioners.

Megaspore Research and Resources:

-The Megasporebiotic Leaky Gut Study – Megasporebiotic has been clinically studied to help heal leaky gut in as little as 30 days.

The Megasporebiotic and Megaprebiotic Microbiome Diversity Study – Using Megasporebiotic and Megaprebiotic together lead to even more benefits than just taking Megasporebiotic on its own!

Megasporebiotic and MegaPre Metabolic Health Study – 2 strains of Megasporebiotic and 1 component of MegaPre shown to support significant improvements in body composition, and gene activity regarding inflammation and chronic disease risk after 90 days.

Spore Probiotics and Mental Health –How bacillus spores like those found in Megasporebiotic may help with depression, brain inflammation, and more

-The Benefits and Safety of Bacillus Spore Probiotics – A review of health benefits of these unique strains – found in Megasporebiotic.

The Megasporebiotic and Triglycerides Clinical Trial – Megasporebiotic has been clinically studied to support normal triglyceride levels in 6-12 weeks when compared to placebo.

The Megasporebiotic Liver Protection Randomized, Controlled Study – Supports total antioxidant capacity, protects liver tissue, and is associated with reduced liver function markers following acute liver injury.

The Megasporebiotic C diff Study – Study performed at the Cleveland Clinic that reported benefits to measures of immunity, inflammation, and leaky gut in mice with recurrent C diff.

Bacillus Probiotics and Rheumatoid Arthritis – Joint pain is often a result of intestinal inflammation, find out how spore probiotics can help.

Taking Probiotics – A collection of referenced resources on spore and non-spore probiotics

The Total Gut Restoration Protocol Study – First study to look at the ability of Megasporebiotic, MegaPre, and MegaMucosa to work together to support gut health.

How to Take Megasporebiotic

Now, let’s talk about how to take Megasporebiotic correctly.

It is important for some individuals to start slowly and work your way up when first starting Megaspore. The slides below detail how to take Megasporebiotic.