Monolaurin Benefits

Discover the powerful immune & metabolic benefits of the most interesting compound from coconut oil.

Monolaurin is a fat derived from coconut oil that was discovered in the 1960’s.

Mothers naturally produce monolaurin in breastmilk – coconut oil is the best natural source in the diet.

Coconut oil is predominantly comprised of a medium chain fat known as Lauric Acid. Lauric acid gives coconut its best & most unique qualities.

When you consume lauric acid in the form of coconut oil, only a small percentage is converted into monolaurin. Monolaurin has distinct benefits from lauric acid – as it works as one of nature’s best antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal compounds.

In addition to its antimicrobial properties, monolaurin may help balance hormones, cholesterol, and metabolic health.

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Health Benefits of Monolaurin

Metabolic Benefits of Monolaurin

Monolaurin is a medium chain fat. It is metabolized by the same pathways as capric, caprylic, and lauric acid. MCT oil comprises capric and caprylic acid. We carry a caprylic acid in a pleasant-tasting liquid known as MCT Wellness Oil: Caprylic Acid and Butyrate.

Monolaurin is a monoglyceride, not a triglyceride. It circulates in the blood as a monoglyceride, while MCTs will be broken down and reassembled into other fats. This is why only a small percentage of lauric acid will become monolaurin in the body.

When you read about the unique benefits of MCTs or coconut oil, many of those same properties are shared by monolaurin.

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