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EnviroKlenz: Three Air-Cleaning Technologies – One High-Performance Purification System

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Air Quality Affects Everyone


Air quality is an increasing global concern. 

You don’t have to live in overgrown cities to be concerned. Exposure to airborne particles and toxins are ubiquitous to a modern lifestyle and can be man-made and come from nature.

Your lungs are directly connected to your blood supply, are protected by the immune system, and have a unique microbiome (like the gut!) that is subject to damage and over-activation from airborne microbes and man-made pollutants.

Your immune system is designed to protect against microbial invaders including mold – when it interacts with man-made chemicals – it recognizes them as foreign and mounts an immune defense that can create inflammation and damage body tissues.

Breathing is not optional.

You breathe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

EnviroKlenz offers complete cleaning and sanitization of inflammatory particles, microbes, and gasses in the air of your home or office.

Air quality is a cornerstone of a healthy living environment. While air is the most important resource to life, air quality can be overlooked by even the most conscientious consumers.

Even if you do not choose the EnviroKlenz, I do feel it’s important to invest in some air purification device for your home or office.

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Why Choose EnviroKlenz UV for Home Air Quality?

EnviroKlenz offers the best cost-effective combination of air filtration technology, cost, noise, and style among all units I’ve evaluated.

Protect against air particles, microbes, and gasses (VOCs) with the three-part filtration of EnviroKlenz.

*Air Filter purchases, replacement filters and parts can be eligible for Health Savings Account and Flex Spending payments! Check with your plan or tax professional for details. EnviroKlenz also offers payment plans.

EnvironKlenz UV Mobile Unit

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(Use promo code “dralex” to save 5% in addition to promotional pricing)

1.) HEPA Filter Protection:

HEPA Filters are recognized widely for their air filtration capacity – and there a number of high-quality HEPA filters on the market – including a model by EnviroKlenz.

HEPA filters trap a range of dust, microbes, pollen and more. They do not trap volatile organic compounds (fragrances, off-gassing from carpets and electronics, and more).

There is one key limitation of HEPA filters…

Once a HEPA filter begins to become full – the captured particles can be recirculated in the air.

Not only does EnviroKlenz offer HEPA filtration – it also contains ultraviolet bulbs internally that shine on the HEPA filter and the air passing through the unit.

2.) UV Protection:

Ultraviolet light is germicidal along certain wavelengths – making any biological material that passes through the UV light, or that is trapped by the filter, biologically inactive.

This UV deactivation is essential for those with immune sensitivities to mold, pollen, and pet dander – it offers a true air sanitation benefit – not just a trapping effect of a physical filter.

If you’re wondering why EnviroKlenz is priced higher than HEPA filters – it’s because of the added UV light and VOC filtration functionality. 

As air passes through the EnviroKlenz system – biological particles such as mold spores, pollen, or microbes are not only trapped in the HEPA filter, but also destroyed by the UV light.

The unique EnviroKlenz design allows the UV lights to shine directly on the HEPA Filter – a PATENTED design feature that you will only find with EnviroKlenz. You will NOT find the feature with competing air purification systems.


3.) VOC Protection:

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are gasses from products or processes in your home such as building materials, cleaning products, carpets, furnishings, personal care products, computers and printers, and more. 

If you notice that certain plastics, carpeting, or electronics have an odor to them – what you are smelling is the material evaporating – and this evaporating gas contains compounds (VOCs) that can be harmful to your health.

High VOC materials and/or poor indoor ventilation allows these gasses to build up in indoor spaces – exposing you and your family to these potentially harmful gasses over time.

The body doesn’t know what to do with these man-made gasses – and can respond by activating the immune system or insulating the chemicals in fat tissue or cause damage while the body tries to get rid of them.

VOCs have been categorized as “obesogens” and “endocrine disruptors” – research suggests many of these chemicals may disturb a wide range of physiological processes in the body.

The EnviroKlenz air cartridge helps absorb neutralize or break down VOCs as air passes through the EnviroKlenz unit.

The cartridge contains the earth minerals: zinc oxide, titanium oxide, and magnesium oxide. These minerals chemically interact with VOCs to physically absorb, neutralize, or help break them down safely.

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I found EnviroKlenz UV to have the best balance of all of factors you should consider with an air cleaning system. The patented location of the UV light over the HEPA filter was a leading reason why I feel EnviroKlenz is the way to go for your air purification.

For example, many of my clients have mold sensitivities and this technology is important to kill mold spores if the microscopic particles were not trapped by the HEPA filter, or ended up being recirculated into the air.

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(Use promo code “dralex” to save 5%)

Interested, but want to speak with someone to answer your questions?

Many questions are answered on EnviroKlenz’s website, but in the meantime, you can also enter your information below and I will personally connect you with an EnviroKlenz representative.

Our contact will help you figure out what unit and functionality is a best fit for you.

The EnviroKlenz team gives credit where credit is due with competing air filtration systems and can help you compare the technologies of systems like Molekule, IQ Air or Blue Air.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee :

Try the Enviroklenz UV unit for yourself and if you aren’t convinced that your air is fresher and safer for your family, return it for 100% money back.

30 day enviroklenz guarantee
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EnvironKlenz UV Mobile Unit

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*Air Filter purchases, replacement filters and parts can be eligible for Health Savings Account and Flex Spending payments! Check with your plan or tax professional for details. 

EnviroKlenz also offers as low as 0% financing to help you spread the costs.