Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Background image with light beams and rays

Too much blue light exposure during certain hours of the day can lead to unwanted side effects…

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Benefits:

When the sun rises and sets, the colors of the sky are swaths of red, orange, yellow. These colors help relax the brain.

Alternatively, blue light excites the brain and convinces the body that it is day time.

Due to the digital age of computer screens, fluorescent office lighting, and cell phones – too much blue light will over-activate the brain and contribute to anxiety, poor focus, and worst of all, bad sleep!

One of the most common hacks is to wear blue-blocking glasses to minimize eye strain and minimize the detrimental affects of too much blue light during early morning and evening hours or while working on a computer or phone screen.

Here are a number of blue-blocking glasses that I’ve found with the best reviews, and a few price ranges to help you personalize the best look and functionality at the price point that works for you.

The better the style and quality – of course the higher the price. 

Start with a cheap pair until you see some benefits, and eventually upgrade. It’s up to you.

Starter Blue Blocking Glasses ($13.50-$34.95)

uvex blue blocking glasses

The Uvex Glasses ~$13.50/pair are the cheapest and lowest quality set that seem to be popular for the money. So if you don’t mind looking like you’re in wood shop class and want something to use in the privacy of your own home. These would be the starter set and the arms are adjustable to different head sizes. And, yes, I have used these when first starting out, but you won’t find me wearing them in public :).

gamma ray optics option A  OR   gamma rap optics option B

You can get a slightly better look despite plastic quality by spending a few dollars more with the above options from Gamma Ray Optics: Option A (left) and Option B (right) ~$17.99/pair.

Middle Tier Blue Blocking Glasses ($32.95-34.95/pair)

spectra479 blue blocking glassesORspectra blue blocking sunglasses option B
For more of a middle tier durable option – Check out the Spectra479 Blue Blocking Glasses
Option A (left) ~$34.95; Option B (right) ~$32.95

Stylish and Fashionable Blue Blocking Glasses (Price Varies)

Okay so you’re a trendsetter.

You might be thinking that there’s no way you would ever be seen with a starter or middle tier pair of glasses on your face.

It’s true, status, looks, and image do unfortunately matter to humans and if you’re going to make blue light blocking glasses a part of your lifestyle, you eventually want them to match your overall look and style you want to put out to the world.

You might also just want a pair that fits well, lasts, and that is protected with a warranty.

Enter Ra Optics.

If you want the RayBan’s of Blue Blocking Glasses, I recommend upgrading to Ra Optics.

Pairs may range from $149 or higher. But trust that you do not have to give up style, comfort, fit, and durability to protect your body from the side effects of excessive blue light.