Vitamin K2 and Peripheral Neuropathy – Positive Findings from a Preliminary Study

vitamin K neuropathyPeripheral neuropathy can result from B12-deficiency and as a complication of Type II Diabetes. 

Symptoms can be mild and severe and include “pins and needles”, numbness, tingling, or pain in the hands or feet. It can also be accompanied by loss of reflexes and muscle weakness.

Vitamin B12 helps maintain the health of the insulation around nerves called “myelin”. Without it, nerves deteriorate with the peripheral or most distant part of the nerve being affected first (hence why symptoms start in hands or feet).

Nutritional Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy

1.) Elevations in blood sugar is also directly irritating to nerve tissue. Chronic elevations of sugar over time can also deteriorate nerves. Diabetes results from a loss in ability to regulate blood sugar and insulin.

2.) Neuropathy is often associated with B12 deficiency, as B12 is directly depleted by blood sugar medications and indirectly through general metabolic stress, autoimmunity, or gastrointestinal dysfunction often present with type I and type II diabetics.

3.) Vitamin K2-7 is directly involved in the health, growth, & repair of nerve cells (1). K2-7 is also helpful in energy production at the level of the mitochondria (the energy-creating “batteries” of your body) – which are highly concentrated in nervous tissue (2). Vitamin K2 deficiency as well as high blood sugar directly and indirectly damage your mitochondrial “batteries”.

vitamin K2 benefitsmitochondria vitamin k2

                                                          Figure A                                                                                                                                                               Figure B

Figure A.) “Myelin” is the insulation around nerves. It deteriorates without vitamin K2-7 (or vitamin B12).
Vitamin K2 is essential for nerve function, growth, maintenance, and repair.
Figure B.) Your cell “batteries” known as Mitochondria are richly concentrated in nerve tissue. Vitamin K2-7 helps optimize mitochondrial function & reduce metabolic stress.

Benefits of Vitamin K2-7 for Neuropathic Symptoms

A preliminary study involved 30 participants with peripheral neuropathy due to B12 deficiency (characterized by a specific type of anemia) and/or diabetes mellitus (3)

The participants were given 100 mcg of vitamin K2-7 twice a day (200mcg total) for 8 weeks duration. The patients filled out a symptom survey and visual analog scale (rated symptoms on a scale of 1-10). Symptom ratings at the beginning ranged from 6-8; and participants were separated into “moderate” and “severe” groups.

Following the 8 weeks of vitamin K2-7 supplementation, symptoms improved 1-2 points on the scale for both the moderate and severe groups (12.5-33% relative improvement in reported symptoms)

The findings show early promise for the therapeutic use of vitamin k2-7 for peripheral neuropathy.

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