Which Oil Should I Cook With?

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In this straightforward guide, you’ll become more confident at the grocery store &  in the kitchen when it comes to choosing healthy oils.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

-The CoPS Framework for choosing the best cooking oil.

-The oils that are most safe for cooking

-The oils you should only add to salads or food after cooking

-The oils you should completely avoid.

What Others Are Saying…

In my years as a medical educator both in academia and in the industry, I meet a lot of “wanna-bes”. These are doctors or professionals who appear from the outside to be experts. They claim to be thorough. They exhaust their efforts externally on how they appear to be rather than how they truly are. Dr. Alex Rinehart is NOT a wanna-be. He is the consummate professional when it comes to the functional approach to human nutrition and disease. He pairs his expertise with a very human side, making him both a master health coach as well as an authority on the science of healthy living.

~Dr. Corey Schuler, MS, RN, CNS, DC,  Director of Clinical Affairs at Integrative Therapeutics