Exploring the Diverse Immune Factors Found in Human Breastmilk

breastfeeding benefitsNature has developed the perfect substance to help support your infant’s developing immune system – breastmilk.

There are many reasons a women may not be able to breastfeed her new child and, from the get-go, that discussion goes beyond my expertise.

I was was born cesarean section and was formula fed. So despite being a man without a child of my own, I’m not writing from an elitist point of few. I was simply compelled to share and highlight the rich and beautiful diversity of immune factors that are contained in mother’s milk.

Historical Perspectives on Breastmilk and Immunity:

While all infants have heightened risk for infection and sepsis, pre-term infants are at even higher risk of infection and sepsis (1; […]

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What are the Metabolic Health Differences of Eating the Fats in Coconut and MCT Oil?

Saturated fats make up 35% of total fat intake in the US (1). Intakes were believed to remain the same between 1909 and 2000, but between 1995-2005, intake levels declined (2). From 1960 to 2000, intake of polyunsaturated fats increased significantly (3). As intake of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA’s) from coconut and MCT oil is relatively low in the US diet, intake of long-chain saturated fatty acids (LCFAs) predominates total intake of saturated fat.

Why worry about differences in saturated fats? Shouldn’t I limit them anyway?

Dietary guidelines have focused largely on limiting saturated fats as a whole – and do not clarify what type of saturated fat they are talking about. After reading about how differently these short and medium chain fats […]

Why Coconut Oil Made its Remarkable Comeback

New coconut products appear everywhere you turn.

Starbucks now offers coconut milk as an option, even potato chip companies are starting to come back to cooking with coconut oil.

Why are so many people coming back to coconut products?

In the areas where the coconut tree grows naturally, it is referred to as the “Tree of Life”. It’s medicinal properties date back over 5,000 years. Ancient people in India, Sri Lanka and the Phillippines used just about every part of the coconut tree, just like how Native Americans had used every part of the American buffalo for food, weaponry, and spiritual purposes.

So how could the coconut tree be called the “Tree of Life” in some portions of the world, but so vilified by the United States for most of the 20th century?

The answer […]