Creating Lifelong Wellness – Protect Your Health With 80 Action Steps to Living the Healthy, Stress-Free Lifestyle of Your Dreams.

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-Overcome programmed habits and tendencies.
-Passively adapt your mind so that it is tuned in to health.
-Invite lifestyle change and confidently embrace the journey to lifelong wellness.
-Control your environment to reduce exposure to toxic people, places and things.
-Choose foods that provide you with nutrients, instead of stealing them from you.

This free 25-page guide contains 80 action-oriented tips to help get you back on the road to health.
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What Others Are Saying…

In my years as a medical educator both in academia and in the industry, I meet a lot of “wanna-bes”. These are doctors or professionals who appear from the outside to be experts. They claim to be thorough. They exhaust their efforts externally on how they appear to be rather than how they truly are. Dr. Alex Rinehart is NOT a wanna-be. He is the consummate professional when it comes to the functional approach to human nutrition and disease. He pairs his expertise with a very human side, making him both a master health coach as well as an authority on the science of healthy living. This book is but a mere glimpse into his genius.

~Corey Schuler, MS, DC, DCN, CNS, National Medical Educator at Natural Health International and Integrative Therapeutics, and Member – Practitioner Advisory Council at Emerson Ecologics

It is rare these days to find a health practitioner that is highly knowledgeable and well balanced in all areas of the mind, body and soul. This is why Dr. Alex and his approach to health is a true gem. In this book, he begins where all disease begins, in our mind and teaches us how to first deal with that, before we start looking outwards. Wise, practical, quick and to the point, Creating Lifelong Wellness is just the tool to get serious about your health and enjoy serious, lasting benefits from it.

~Evita Ochel, Holistic Nutritionist – Writer at  Evolving Wellness, Evolving Beings and Healthytarian

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