Zinc Carnosine for Ulcers and Gut Healing – But Longevity Too?

zinc carnosine gut healing

Zinc carnosine (also known as polaprezinc; Promac; L-CAZ, or taken as a self-named supplement) is a common form of zinc supplementation and medication. Zinc carnosine can be an amazing piece of any gut repair program & it was fun to learn that it does much more too. Zinc is considered an essential trace element – […]

Roaring Brain Benefits with Lion’s Mane Mushroom – Hericium erinaceus

hericium erinaceus

Brain fog  makes us irritable, tired, and forgetful. Kids? Work project? Diet & exercise goals? Forget it! Taking care of things with brain fog is like wanting to drive 65 mph down a stretch of road – but being forced to go 40mph with your hazard lights aglow. Millions of Americans suffer from some sort […]