How Can We Use Memes to Create Health?

Do any of these sound familiar?

Food is not therapy.
You always eat dessert after dinner.
It’s okay to eat fast food every once in awhile.
It’s okay to have your cake, you deserve it!
Grilled chicken and vegetables is not breakfast food.
A little bit doesn’t hurt.
Medical problems need medicine, nutrition problems need nutrition.
Everyone should take a multi-vitamin.
Eat in moderation.
I live off pizza and beer, but I’m okay because I have a good metabolism
And infinite more…

Creating Your Own Memes

Memes are an inevitable part of life. They are the hidden mind viruses that infect us subconsciously. The problem is when we’re not in control of them. One way to defend yourself from memes is to be on the offensive.

This blog uses memes. The key is to create a division or a problem, and then insert your meme as a solution for others to adopt or adapt into their own. Cults use memes too, by creating an underlying purpose and creating punishment and disdain for those who leave.

Most of these barriers are mental. For instance a boss can make you believe that a decision must come down to plan’s A or B, when in fact you have options C or D, with plenty of opportunities for win-win situations. Memes are the mental templates by which you approach the world. They spell the difference between poverty consciouness and prosperity consciousness. Memes spell the difference between disease consciousness and health consciousness.

Look in the Mirror

People are limited to their belief systems. In fact, most of our patterning and belief system are wired in the first 5-6 years of life. Ever wonder why you start acting more and more like your parents when you get older? We learn through mostly imitation and mirroring our first years of life. According to Bruce Lipton, PhD, as much as 95% of our consciousness is pre-wired with templates for decision-making. Quantum physics expert Dr. Joe Dispenza argues we become addicted to our emotions and as a result, we seek out events in our life that incite those emotions from us.

If you go to a party and expect to have a good time, you’ll have a good time. If you expect a yelling match between you and an adversary, you’ll have a yelling match between you and an adversary. Self-fulfilled prophecies abound, it’s up to you to choose a prophecy that fits your dreams and desires.

Retraining Memes

We can focus on the bad news that Memes are subconcious and declare victimhood for the rest of our lives. We can declare that we are victims of genes and consequence. We chose bad parents. We chose a bad neighborhood. The problem is no one cares. No one likes whining. You can always find infinite reasons that things won’t go right. But did you ever think that there’s infinite reasons that things could go well?

Memes can be retrained by surrounding yourself with the memes you want and broadcasting your own memes for others to follow. Whether this is wearing a particular style of clothes, using the specific slang or jargon of a group, or simply mirroring the behaviors of the group you would like to be a part of, our memes can be “controlled”. Awareness of hidden memes in media is important. Being exposed to diverse memes and seeing the value of differing viewpoints creates wisdom.

You can always find exceptions to the rule, but over time, probabilities win out and “luck” is given a chance to materialize in your life.

With memes you can’t feel limited or owned by them, you have to ask “how can I make this happen”, “how can I afford that” “how can I create health” instead of acknowledging the event in the first place and taking it for face value. When you ask these questions, you are forced to make the necessary decisions to create the reality you desire.

There may not need to be sacrifice at all, just ask how can I have both?

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