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While the science on saturated fats and high cholesterol has shifted, many doctors are still practicing with decades-old information.

As it is with most health professionals, most doctors simply attend a seminar or two a year to keep up their education – few stay on the cutting edge.

Most individuals with high cholesterol may find themselves on a statin drug.

Statins are medications designed to lower your cholesterol, and in doing so, hopefully prevent adverse reactions like heart attacks or strokes.

But recent research findings may mean that thousands are taking statin drugs unnecessarily.

This wouldn’t be a problem if thousands didn’t already report side effects such as muscle pain, fatigue, and cognitive problems – while a few also report serious adverse reactions.

These drugs could cost you or your insurance company $60-100+ per MONTH in medical costs

But do not take my word for it. I may be a naturally-minded chiropractor and clinical nutritionist, but this is a message shared by some highly respected health professionals like Mark Houston, MD, Steven Sinatra, MD, as well as acupuncturists like Chris Kresser, L.Ac.

Chris Kresser has a very popular blog and podcast at ChrisKresser.com where he talks about the science of the paleo diet and primal living. He also just launched a best-selling book: Your Personal Paleo Code (affiliate).

Trust me, it is a worthwhile read whether you are a health professional or a concerned consumer.

But he is not just another nutrition professional who drank the Kool-aid with another diet fad like Paleo.

His take on the paleo diet is unique. He does the best job that I have seen of filtering through the research and showing how it applies differently to YOU depending on YOUR unique genetic profile and health circumstances.

And, the same goes for cases of high cholesterol.

Kresser believes that while there is still a split between the cholesterol believers and skeptics, the answers are found in the grey areas of the science.

Good thing that he thrives on taking the best arguments from each side and letting you know what he found.

But best yet, he provides resources and tips that you can apply today – and has started launching programs based on his years of research and experience.

Because of his work with low-carb and ancestral nutrition, Kresser is a well-respected expert on the science of high cholesterol and heart disease. He has his own column on The Huffington Post, and is quoted in magazines such as Time.

Now, he recently launched a program called the High Cholesterol Action Plan that is now available to you for purchase.

If you are on a statin for high cholesterol (such as Lipitor), have ever considered taking a statin drug, or have heart disease that runs in your family, this program is for you.

Chris delivers a thoughtful and thorough evidenced-based approach to our modern health problems. The High Cholesterol Action Plan takes into account genetics and individual variations along with the state of the art evidence about cholesterol treatment and heart disease. It’s a program I would follow for myself or my family should the need arise, and I would take to my personal physician with confidence.

~Emily Deans, MD, Harvard Medical School

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