Scientists Study The Gut and Skin Microbes From the Yanomami – An Amazon Tribe Isolated From Outside Contact For Over 11,0000 Years – Here’s What They Found

The gut ecosystem should look like a rainforest – rich with diversity with numerous species scattered about.  Without such diversity, research suggests that you may be at higher risk for allergic and autoimmune disorders.

Just as in the rainforest, when we lose diversity of plants and animals, we not only lose the organisms themselves, we lose out on research opportunities to discover new drugs or new solutions to old problems.

The data trend is relatively clear – the more Westernized the population, the less microbe diversity found on their skin and in their gut. Western diets and modern hygiene practices have been wiping out species of bacteria in our digestive tracts.

The long-term consequences are still unclear – but the findings have experts concerned.

Why the Focus on Gut […]

My Doctor Says I am Not Celiac, Can I Still Eat Wheat?

gluten stomach ache and bloatingDoes your belly feel chronically bloated, distended or uncomfortable?

Or maybe occasionally you have the sudden urge to run to the bathroom after eating?

You may have gone to your doctor doctor suspecting a food allergy, especially this “gluten problem” that seems to be all the craze.

But the gluten antibodies came back negative. The biopsy of your small intestine – looks like that came back normal too.

Your doctor tells you “I think that your symptoms are Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS, we do not know what causes it, but here’s a medication to help control the symptoms.

You reply “But doc, I tried eliminating wheat for a few days and actually starting to think that I was feeling a little better?

Your doc responds: “According to the testing, you can still continue eating wheat, be careful of those fad diets out there. While the Paleo Diet can sometimes be helpful, there’s no good research supporting it

You tell your Paleo friends that you had been tested for wheat and it came back negative. The new medications seem to help, you will stick with them for now.

But you still suspect something is off.

You still experience chronic bloating, and you are foggy headed all of the time. Your energy is spent, and your skin just doesn’t seem to have the same glow any more.

Could it still be wheat? […]

Restore Willpower and Self Control by Doing this One Thing

Most of our choices are made in autopilot – outside of our conscious control.

There’s an old adage: “Give me a child until he is seven, and I will give you the man”. As much as 95% of our habits and behaviors are patterned in the first 5-6 years of life.

This is because our first learning is conducted by mirror neurons. These neurons mimic what we “see” in our environment – both consciously and subconsciously.

While you think that this form of learning disappears as we get older, it’s still there. Our subconscious continues to have  zero filter. It sees two things and, instinctively wants to make an association between them.

Our mind does not just make connections between people, places and things but also connects context. This is why […]